Organization Introduction


Since 1988

Rumah Victory is a non-profit charitable organization founded by the late Mr Philip Mok Sew Kwong in 1988. It began with Christian Drug Rehabilitation Centre and later on expanded to Children and Youth Home and Elderly Home. At present, we have :

  • Drug Rehabilitation Centre
  • Children and Youth Home
  • Elderly Home


    • To help drug addicts overcome their addiction and to provide life-changing training for them to reintegrate into the community.
    • To provide a shelter home for socially vulnerable groups, such as drug addicts, children from single parent and broken families, orphans, marginal juveniles, abandoned and sick old folks.


  • To provide life-changing training programmes for drug addicts to reintegrate into the community, to glorify God, and benefit the people.
  • To show the love and care of Christ by providing counseling and teaching them the truth of the Bible so that they may find new hope in life.


  • To set up centers in each and every state in East and West Malaysia, serving the community.
  • To build “My Dream Home” – a combination of the Drug Rehabilitation Centre, Children and Youth Home, and Elderly Home.

Founder of Rumah Victory-The Late Mr. Philip Mok Sew Kwongpeople-founder


One of the main reasons for me to establish this Rehabilitation center is that I want to give a shelter for the homeless- a place that they can call “home”. The word “home” has been a strong emphasis in our old folk center and children center.

All of us need a home. As a child, I had a home- however, I could not find security and warmness in that place. As a result, I became a drug addict by the time I was a teenager. I used to steal and rob from others to sustain my lifestyle. Even though I got involved in all these bad activities, I always remembered my real home- my brother and my sister. I would bring the money that I robbed from others to give to my siblings.

After completing a rehabilitation program, the concept of home was always dear to my heart, perhaps because I never had a home before. God gave me a vision and a burden to start a home for the needy. The home I am talking about is not just a building or a harbor, it is a place where you can experience victory, be transformed, and stand strong again.

 Our society has become more complicated nowadays; our children are facing temptation every single day. So the vision for “RUMAH VICTORY Children home” is to teach them the right values of life, to mentor and groom the younger ones. Even though they may graduate from secondary school and begin their independent working life, we want to continue to follow up on them and to make sure that they do not fall back to their former lifestyle.

 We would like to advise parents that it is important to spend quality time with your children. Learn to care for them and teach them the right values of life. Besides that, mingle around and get to know their friends so that you will be a great help to your children to not be influenced by bad company.

Chairman of Rumah Victory

— Pastor Ong Kah Hoo

(If you don’t seek growth today, you won’t be able to lead tomorrow) Ephesians 4:15 “Instead, speaking the truth in love, we will grow to become in every respect the mature body of him who is the head, that is, Christ.”

As leaders, we must seek growth. If you don’t pursue growth, you are no longer a healthy leader. Every healthy creature must have growth. If you want to grow, you must seize every opportunity every day, and each time you must decide how to grow and become a leader. There is a saying of wisdom that goes: It is better to cherish today than to have two tomorrows. What kind of person I will become in the future depends on my progress today. It’s true; today’s growth defines who you become tomorrow.

(Mark 11:27) Jesus looked at them and said: [It is impossible with man, but not with God, with God all things are possible.] Allow me to add a sentence here, “There is nothing God can’t do, only that man does not want to do.” If he is willing to succeed, he can definitely succeed; As known, there is no absolute failure. The reason why people “fail” is that they give up, eventhough they are close to success. For someone who does not give up easily, he sees everything in an optimistic manner (never saying no). No matter how bad his innate condition is and how difficult the environment he is in, he can bravely overcome all kinds of difficulties.

As can be seen from this sentence, there is a secret that allows us to “overcome all difficulties” in a simple and easy way. It is to completely disregard the word “impossible”. That is to say: if in our minds, the words ‘impossible’ can be deleted like how it is deleted using your smartphone, then all the difficult and impossible things we encounter will become possible. Many times, we, humans create a fence and limit the scope due to the word “impossible”, so that we are trapped in it and cannot “break through the wall”. Therefore, if we can remove the word ‘impossible’ in our thoughts, it will be easier and simpler for us to overcome the problem. People are often restricted by their own walls that they created, hence, restricting their own development, leading to some things that they do not have the courage to do, thinking that it is “Impossible” to execute it. From the history of mankind, we can see that many people have achieved great success because they have surpassed the walls created by this ‘impossible.’

I like the ancient saying that goes “people are most valuable because they have self-knowledge”, which means that the rarest and most valuable thing about a person is to understand himself, know himself, and have a certain understanding of himself. Because when a person knows himself, he will be able to see his own weaknesses and correct them, then this person will improve and grow, and will not repeat past failures. Only then can he live a renewed life and understand what an abundant life is, and only then can he have peace and freedom that comes from God.


Rumah Victory Director General (Central Region) 

Director General

– Mr.Pang Foo Wen

Rumah Victory has gone through many challenges since its incorporation until today. In the beginning, it was very difficult, we had nothing. The founder, Mr Phillip Mok initiated this and persevered through, until today. Everyday, he faced many challenges that life brings, but he has never forgotten his initial goals. In the past, we had shifted to many locations, until things began to stabilize in the recent years. Now, we have a place which we could call home. Previously, many were not optimistic about Rumah Victory’s drug rehabilitation ministry. There were some who criticized and condemned us behind our backs. Through many experiences, we slowly learn to become stronger. Today, we are accepted and affirmed by many.  All these came about because of the team who worked hard in unity to make this happen.

The goal and vision set by Mr Phillip Mok, the founder of Rumah Victory, has always stayed in our hearts and never ceased. Although he is no longer in our midst, but his enthusiasm motivates us to march towards the same goal and vision. I hope that the ministry of Rumah Victory could be established in every state in West Malaysia. I also hope to have a five acres land to build a comprehensive integrated Rumah Victory, which can house a rehabilitation center, an elderly home and a children and youth home, and be able to care for one another.

Rumah Victory’s anti drug activities originated in Malaysia which expanded to Singapore, East Malaysia, Indonesia and Cambodia. Rumah Victory’s ministry also originated from KL which spread to Klang, Ipoh, Seremban, Melacca, Penang , and Sarawak Sibu Methodist Church to help  co-organise drug rehabilition and gospel activities.